The Dead Do Not Improve.

February 14, 2011

There’s no way to make amends.

But I’m always thinking of the one way how.

Just in case.

By hand.

Or by print.  Buy print from the best:

For the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

Long program.

Short stack.   Nike Snowboarding.

Alice Waters.  These are all for Zaaz Creative.  I’m still confused about what they are, but I’m told it’s all good stuff.

V.S. Ramachandron.

Bill and Melinda Gates.


And Muhammad Yunus.  Microedit:  Great service to poor countries, difficult translation in the illustration department.

Not to complain.

The good people at Thatcher’s Coffee have delicious treats and an absolutely massive chalkboard.

My swags are dry.

But the needles are still sharp.