Oblivious skipper.

October 10, 2008

I’m not so sure what the invisible money loss means now, I’m not buying gold and I think I heard that’s the problem.  I will carry on avoiding phone calls and being outstanding, which I understand is not a compliment, but I really think there is a solution in Jamaica somewhere.  It’s been there the whole time, but it was forgotten.  Respect.

My bedclothes show gingham loss.

“I know duck-fu.”

Looking up when things are looking down.

Hitting  the sauce.  I painted over this flask Kelly got me for my birthday.  Now all I need is an occasion to drink in public.  

Blood moat. 

This is a painting I did for an ear man in Switzerland.  A gift of love made unknowingly.

Last chance for Golden Slice.  Those carrots are a jib house.


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