I heard them say, “yeah, I know it.”

August 13, 2008


Hi, hello







Original Danny Kass sketch.

Original Danny Kass sketch.





Not It

Not It







Last night I noticed while reading in bed that 11:34 on the alarm clock looks like “hell” when viewed upside down.  Later in the night I got up for water and when returned I misread my distance from the bed, bounced off and got stuck between a book case and the bed, spilt water soaking my hair tips.  This morning I had a mighty bruise on my very upper hip, some may say groin area.  I observed very closely, but it looked like nothing.


3 Responses to “I heard them say, “yeah, I know it.””

  1. Rosemary Says:

    When reading aloud, I was unable to get from word to word without taking a moment to giggle hysterically between each one.
    Living the dream.

  2. MOet Says:

    sounds like good times… I hate getting bored.

  3. Jenamin Says:

    BROOOOOOKE! I didn’t know. I didn’t know:)

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